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ABOUT BERZAK GROUP“Think of us as your personal construction concierge.”

Welcome to Berzak Group, the go-to sidekick for owner-developers and general contractors looking to build something amazing.
Whether you're building a skyscraper or a small community, we've got your back.
Our superpower?

Assisting in ground-up new developments of 50 units and above in two ways:

  1. We’re the bargain hunters of the construction world, helping you find the best possible price for quality sub-contractors with the right insurance.
  2. We curate construction supplies, handpicking only the best products from manufacturers around the globe, at the most competitive price point in the market. Quality products at an affordable price, that’s our motto.

Think of us as your personal construction concierge, here to make your building process a breeze.

Let’s build something great together!

“Cream of the crop construction supplies at unbeatable prices.”

Welcome to the world of curated construction supplies – where we scour the globe to bring you the best of the best. We’ve got a top-grade team of engineers, designers, architects, and manufacturers at our disposal, and together we value engineering your project to perfection.

Thanks to our worldwide network, we’re able to offer you the cream of the crop in construction supplies at unbeatable prices.

Door Hardware
Tiles and Granite
Contracting Consulting

Consultative Construction Services

In the construction world, sub-contractors can make or break a project. That’s why we’re here to play the role of wingman in the buyout negotiations. We ensure that your subcontractors have proper insurance, financial stability, operational efficiency, and competitive pricing.

But the job doesn’t end there, we stick with you throughout the project to make sure that the commitments made by the sub-contractors are met, from schedules to manpower to proper construction. Together, we’ll build something great without any hiccups.

Customer Experience

“True Professionals”

I worked with The Berzak Group on a project and was impressed with their value engineering expertise. They helped us save nearly 50% on our lighting budget without sacrificing quality. Their team was professional, attentive, and detail-oriented throughout the process. I highly recommend The Berzak Group to anyone looking for a top-notch team who truly cares about their clients’ needs.

Drew W.

“Excellent work”

The Berzak Group recommended vinyl flooring for my project, and I was impressed with the quality and savings. It looks just like real hardwood but is more affordable and easier to maintain. Their team sourced the materials at a great price, and the installation was done quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend The Berzak Group for anyone looking for a top-quality flooring solution and great savings.

Perry M.

“Highly recommend”

I wanted to give a big shoutout to The Berzak Group for their amazing value engineering skills on my window project. They were able to cut costs without compromising the quality or aesthetics of the windows, and they saved me a ton of money in the process. The new windows look even better than I expected, and they’re super energy-efficient too, which is a major plus. If you’re looking for a team that knows how to deliver great results at a great value, definitely check out The Berzak Group. They’re awesome!

Yoni B.

“Great Support”

I had an amazing experience working with The Berzak Group on my tile project. They not only sourced the perfect tiles and handled the installation flawlessly, but they also delivered incredible savings. Their team was professional, knowledgeable, and committed to providing an exceptional experience from start to finish. Thanks to their expert sourcing and negotiating, I was able to get top-quality tiles at an unbeatable price. I highly recommend The Berzak Group for anyone looking for a top-quality tile solution and incredible savings.

Isaac F.

Let’s discuss your project.

Let’s discuss your project.